What Does Worker’s Compensation Cover in Hillsborough?

Worker’s compensation is a critical form of insurance that the state of Florida requires for most businesses. Casually known as “workers comp,” worker’s compensation insurance protects both employers and employees in the event that someone is injured on the job. That said, not all workers’ comp policies are created equal.

Informing yourself on the nuances of workers compensation and commercial insurance in Brandon, FL will protect your business.

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There are some exceptions, which your insurance agent in Brandon, FL can clarify, but the standards for mandatory workers compensation coverage are as follows:

  1. Your non-construction business has 4 or more (full or part-time) employees
  2. Your construction industry business has 1 or more employees
  3. Your agricultural industry business has 6 or more employees and 12 or more seasonal employees
  4. If you are a contractor that uses sub-contractors, you are required to ensure that all of your sub-contractors have workers compensation before they work on any project.

“If the sub-contractor does not have Workers’ Compensation Insurance for its employees, those workers become the employees of the contractor. If an injury occurs, the contractor is responsible for paying the benefits for the work related injury, illness or fatality.”

As you can see, the law varies by industry; however, most sizable companies need workers compensation insurance. Even if you are not required by law to have workers compensation insurance, you are still liable for injuries your employees suffer while on the job. We recommend purchasing workers compensation to all businesses with employees, as it is the only way to protect yourself and your business from paying out of pocket for injuries you’re liable for.

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Limitations on Workers Comp in Brandon, Florida

Workers compensation is not a free-for-all. Though there are instances of fraud and attempted fraud (as with any type of insurance), there are also restrictions in place that regulate the benefits associated with workers compensation insurance in the Tampa Bay area.

For example, a worker must have sustained at least 50% of his or her injury on the job. If you break your arm at home, get a cast, come back to work, and then fall and make your injury slightly worse… you will not typically be eligible for workers comp benefits.

Other examples include intentionally self-inflicted injuries, injuries sustained while intoxicated or on drugs, injuries that occured while breaking safety rules, and injuries that can be proven a purposeful attempt at procuring workers comp benefits.

One thing that both employers and employees should be aware of is that workers comp does not provide extra compensation for “pain and suffering” in the same way that a personal injury lawsuit can.

Do You Have the Correct Insurance Plan for Your Business?

Whether you’re an employer of one or an employer of one hundred, it’s important to know your rights and responsibilities. Florida employers who neglect their legal obligations to procure workers compensation insurance risk being sued and open themselves up to the subsequent risks of bankruptcy or losing their business. This is definitely a topic on which it pays to invest in the correct insurance plan and become intimately acquainted with all of its intricacies.

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