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What Can Our Agency Do For Business Owners in Florida?

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While your day-to-day operations are complex, understanding commercial insurance for your business doesn’t have to be complicated. There are coverage options available to protect just about every aspect of your business from employee injury to natural disasters.

If you’re running your own business here in Florida, it’s only natural that you want to take steps to ensure it stays protected for the long run. Unfortunately, there are many things that can derail a business. Without the right commercial insurance, you might find yourself in a situation that jeopardizes both you and the business you’ve worked hard to build. Charles D. Talley Jr. Insurance can help you find the best coverage at a competitive rate.

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Getting Coverage for All Your Business Risks

Finding the right insurance coverage for a business isn’t always a straightforward process. You’ll want to work with an experienced insurance agent, and our agency has been helping businesses around Hillsborough County since 1983. We can help you find the right coverage for all of your business insurance needs, from commercial vehicles to professional liability concerns.

The agents at Charles D. Talley Jr. Insurance, Inc. have the specialized training to get your business exactly what it needs. This is an area where independent insurance agencies have a distinct advantage over “captive” agencies. We work with many of the best carriers around the country which means we can offer the most competitive quote for professional liability insurance.

We’ve Got Your Business Covered

Did you know that independent agents handle more than 50 percent of all active commercial insurance policies in the country? Give us a call today at (813) 685-9393 and we can get started!

What Type of Commercial Insurance Do You Need?

Professional Liability Insurance

In today’s complex business environment, safeguarding your operations extends beyond the physical premises and general liabilities. Professional Liability Insurance, also known as Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance, plays a critical role in protecting your business against the financial consequences of claims of negligence, misrepresentation, or failure to deliver services as promised.

Tailored to meet the specific needs of professionals who offer advice or services, this insurance is indispensable in mitigating risks associated with potential legal actions arising from professional conduct or the lack thereof.

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Business owner discusses business liability insurance policy with insurance agent in Tampa

General Liability Insurance

Business liability insurance, also called commercial general liability insurance, will protect your business in the event you are sued by an outside party. This insurance can be used to pay for associated legal fees and cover the settlement from a suit. In certain cases, business liability insurance can also be used to pay for damages you’re found liable for.

Several distinct types of liability policies can be included with business liability insurance. These are:

  • Errors and omissions insurance (E&O)/Professional liability insurance
  • Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI)
  • Directors and officers liability insurance (D&O)
  • Business identity theft insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

Do you rely on cars in order to operate your business in Brandon? If the answers that question is yes, then you should have a commercial auto insurance policy. This is protection that you want to have in the event that an employee causes an accident while driving for business purposes. Your business will be responsible for any damages or injuries that were caused by this type of accident. A commercial auto insurance policy would be able to cover those costs up to the stated policy limit.

Our insurance experts in Hillsborough are often asked if a personal auto insurance policy could be used instead. Unfortunately, personal car insurance won’t be enough if you or one of your drivers get into an accident.

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Contractor protected by workers' compensation in Tampa

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

For some small businesses in Hillsborough, workers’ compensation is mandatory. Specifically, the mandate states that you need to have this form of commercial insurance if you employ at least 3 people. Workers’ compensation insurance can be used to pay for medical bills and to cover lost wages for an employee that gets injured on the job. If the unthinkable happens and a work related death occurs, this insurance can be used to pay the appropriate compensation to the bereaved family.

Commercial Property Insurance

Another form of commercial insurance that your business may need is property insurance. Considering the risk that businesses do admittedly face in places like Tampa, property insurance can be an extremely valuable investment. This insurance can cover damage from natural disasters like flooding and hurricanes, as well as damage from unforeseen circumstances like fires or theft.

Depending on the type of commercial property insurance policy you can’t, covered items could include furniture, technology, inventory stored on sites and anything else that is being used for the business. if your business depends on maintaining a physical location where your customers or clients can come to you, then you should talk to an insurance agent about commercial property insurance in Hillsborough.

Office covered by commercial property insurance in Tampa

Most Common Commercial Risks

  • Liability in the form of accident/injury, product, defamation, malpractice and professional liability
  • Property damage due to accidents or natural occurrences
  • Data loss and cybercrime

Knowing what kind of coverage is right for your business requires a careful evaluation of many factors including:

  • How you cater to your customers
  • How many people you employ
  • Your specific commercial requirements
  • Any safety concerns on your property or with your professional processes
  • The security of your company’s intellectual property and data
  • Potential risks facing company executives

One of our talented agents will review your business requirements and walk you through all of the coverage options that are most feasible for your company. Of course, that’s only the start. We’ll also compare a range of policies and quotes from several of the best business insurance providers to find exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Please give us a call at 813-685-9393 or complete our form to get a free insurance quote today. Charles D. Talley Jr. Insurance, Inc. will help you find the best commercial insurance rate in Brandon.